Let Property Visions find your investment property

Property investment is like investment in bonds and equities, where the goal is stable yield and future increase of the purchase’s value. Here, the proper advice and knowledge are essential, and this is where we can make a difference.
We listen, we think and we place integrity at the core of our partnership with the client. We search the market to find the right property to match your requirements and advise you on any questions you might have when purchasing an investment property.
We review the property and its’ advantages and disadvantages before negotiations. We examine everything concerning the property, including current debt, future financing, the rent market, location and area (how is the area now and how will it develop over the next 10 years).
We are fast movers and we ensure that no hidden problems exist before committing to a purchase. We always represent our client during the negotiations and handle all communication.

We invest in real estate with institutional and private investors

We offer co-ownership in our property companies. Investors can conduct passive investments in an existing and well-established company. Property Visions handle the day-to-day property management and are always updated on the properties.
Investors are offered access to the building’s internal waiting list.