We offer individual solutions for the management of investment properties. We take pride in providing personalised service, so our priority is building trusted, loyal relationships with our clients and, not least, with their associates and tenants.
Property Visions acts as the owner’s right hand. We handle all dialogue with tenants and suppliers. All our clients are assigned a Property Manager, who provides a 24-7 service, making sure we provide the highest level of service.
We emphasise effective decision-making and high efficiency.

Examples on management tasks
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Rent collection
  • Letters of demand repeals etc.
  • Creation of tenants database with continuous updates
  • Expenses accounts
  • Payments
  • Rentals
  • Registration of tenant changes and rent adjustment
  • Resident contact
  • Service agreements and insurance policies
  • Contact with authorities, tax authorities, Property Owners Investment Association etc.
  • Rent assessment committee cases
  • Contact with property services
  • Lease of residential and commercial properties
  • Accounting