Property service is not just property service. That is why we have carefully chosen the right business partners to ensure that property service standards for our clients are particularly high.
For all our clients’ properties, we prepare meticulous agreements, describing what work needs to be carried out on the property. We thus ensure that tenants in the property know what work will be carried out, and when.

How do we satisfy tenants?

We carry out quality controls on our property service, ensuring that our clients
do not pay for something they do not get.
According to the terms of our property service agreement, we provide 24-hour service in case of acute damages. This safeguards our clients’ properties, while minimising the damage if an accident should occur.
Our caretakers ensure that all visible damage or other irregularities are reported, and the manager and caretaker jointly decide whether remedial action should be taken. This ensures that maintenance work is kept under control, since the manager is also responsible for the property’s finances.
The associated caretakers have a big responsibility. They help fulfil Property Visions’ aim of not only managing property, but also taking care of our clients’ investment.

This ensures satisfied clients

A property service agreement will typically include:
Washing of stairwell
Snow clearing
Occupation and vacation reports
General maintenance of properties