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At Ejendomsvisioner, our foremost task is to assume the role of intermediary between property investor and tenant.

It is our belief that investment property should be managed with focus on the property’s costs and with respect for the property’s tenants. Ejendomsvisioner sees all properties as independent investments and when these are optimised, it leads to high satisfaction for the investor as well as the associated tenants. Ejendomsvisioner offers services in all areas related to property investment, including management, property service, maintenance, construction consulting and advice within property investment.

If you do not find answers to your questions on the website, you are welcome
to contact us by email: info@ejendomsvisioenr.dk or phone: 71994030
Ian Winther Høiland, CEO

Management & Property service

Ejendomsvisioner takes on full responsibility for our properties, ensuring that our clients do not have to spend time worrying about their investment. We handle all enquiries from tenants, public authorities etc., while ensuring that our properties appear nice and well kept.
In other words, we handle everything related to management and property service at the properties we manage.Read more



Construction consulting & Maintenance

Ejendomsvisioner ensures focus on daily maintenance and work related to minimising our clients’ maintenance costs, since we work with both short-term and long-term maintenance plans.Read more


Entering the real estate market may seem easy enough. There are hundreds of real estate agents, magazines and newspapers dealing with private and rental properties. In addition, several companies now specialise in gathering publicly traded properties on websites. However, the information in these places is rarely sufficient when making property investments. Let Ejendomsvisioner help and together we will find the property investment that best suits you.Read more


Ejendomsvisioner supports

At Ejendomsvisioner it means something to support a good cause and therefore we choose individual cases and organisations which we think deserves an extra hand.Read more